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shockwave therapy
Acoustic waves to fight the pain.




Shockwave therapy involves the transfer of energy to painful regions of the body, resulting in the initiation of treatment, the regeneration of tendons, and soft tissue. This is a non-invasive way to combat pain in the musculoskeletal system.

tick  the treatments are performed on the basis of a doctor’s referral

tick  the date of the procedure is set in person at the registration desk of the centre or by phone

tick  you are asked to settle the payment for the service before the appointment

tick  the patient may obtain a VAT invoice at the registration desk of the centre upon presenting a fiscal receipt

tick  when coming for the appointment, we ask you to bring your previous results and medical records

ticknon-invasive overcoming of pain and fast relief of pain

tickaccelerated recovery of motor skills


no need for anaesthesia and pharmacological measures


short duration of treatment – only 4-5 treatments


no side effects

wskazaniaAchilles tendon pain

wskazaniashoulder pain

wskazaniatennis player’s elbow, golfer’s elbow (glaucoma)

wskazaniapain in the hips region

wskazaniajumper’s knee (tendon pain, patellar ligaments)

wskazaniafrontal tibialis syndrome

wskazaniatrigger points

wskazaniaheel pain (inflammation of foot sole, heel spurs)

The patient should have:

przygotwanie-do-zabiegufootwear to change into


przygotwanie-do-zabiegucomfortable clothes

przygotwanie-do-zabiegu5 zł. coin as a deposit for the locker key in the cloakroom


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