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Speech therapy councelling unit
The purpose of speech therapy is to correct speech disorders.

logopeda_ringSpeech Therapy does not deal exclusively with pronunciation defects. It also helps in cases of various communication barriers that often interfere with the intellectual, social and emotional development of children of all ages. It also provides treatment for children who stutter, whose hearing is impaired, who are autistic, dyslexics, children with intellectual disabilities, or with various neurological disorders.

A speech therapist specializing in early speech therapy is a specialist in the prevention and early support of speech development in premature infants and children with known developmental disorders and genetic defects. The speech therapist helps children with developmental, neonatal and pre-school developmental deficits.


Range of assistance and therapy

tick speech therapy

tick early support for the development of a high risk child (learning to bite and chew, drink from an open cup, positioning while feeding)

tick speech development therapy

tick communication support in children with developmental disorders

tick correction of pronunciation defects


wskazaniaa high risk pregnancy and childbirth

wskazaniadevelopmental defects of the nervous system (herniated spinal hernias, hernias, congenital hydrocephalus)

wskazaniametabolic diseases of the nervous system

wskazanialocomotor coordination disorders of central origin

wskazaniaa microbrain disfunction syndrome

wskazaniachromosome aberration syndromes

wskazaniapermanent disfunction of the locomotor apparatus (including cerebral palsy, myopathy, neuromuscular junction, traumatic and CNS infiltrates)

wskazaniasensory integration disorders

wskazaniaabnormal psychomotor development

wskazaniainnate developmental defects of many systems

tick registration is made in person at the registration desk or by phone

tick no referral is required for a commercial appointment

tick a convenient time for the appointment is established by the registration staff

tick you are asked to pay a service fee before the appointment

tick the patient may obtain a VAT invoice at the registration desk of the centre upon presenting a fiscal receipt


tick speech consultation: 100 zł

tick speech therapy: 80 zł