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Psychological counceling unit
Psychotherapy deals with improving mental functioning and social adaptation.



A child psychologist investigates whether the child’s behaviour and level of development show abnormalities and determines by situational factors to what extent they have been determined organically and psychologically. The child psychologist determines the developmental potential of the child, the measures and methods to be taken to compensate the developmental deficits, eliminate disorders, and supports the development of the child.

Child psychologist – consultant in clinical neuropsychology

tick neuropsychological consultation

tick diagnosis and neuropsychological therapy

tick early therapeutic intervention and development support

tick workshops and training for children and parents

tick individual and group activities

wskazania high risk pregnancy and childbirth

wskazania congenital developmental defects of the nervous system (herniated spinal hernia, hernias, congenital hydrocephalus)

wskazania metabolic diseases of the nervous system

wskazania motor coordination disorders of central origin

wskazania a microtubule disfunction syndrome

wskazania chromosomal aberration syndromes

wskazania permanent disfunction of the locomotor system (including cerebral palsy, myopathy, neuromuscular junction, traumatic and CNS infiltrates)

wskazania sensory integration disorders

wskazania abnormal psychomotor development

wskazania innate developmental defects of many systems

tick registration is made either in person at the registration desk or by phone

tick no referral is required for a commercial appointment

tick a convenient time for the appointment is established by the registration staff

tick you are asked to pay a service fee before the appointment

tick The Patient may obtain a VAT invoice at the registration desk of the centre upon presenting a fiscal receipt



tick psychological consultation: 100 zł

tick diagnosis (with opinion): 150 zł

tick psychological therapy: 90 zł

tick group therapy: 40 zł