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treatment of spinal diseases using the DBC method
This is a Finnish physiotherapy method, used in more than 100 clinics in the world, which combines modern technology with physiotherapy.

DBC_statystykiDocumentation Based Care (DBC) is an active therapy for the treatment of traumatic and chronic conditions. This method is the result of many years of research and experience of physicians, physiotherapists and biomechanics.

Therapy is provided under programmes that can last for 6, 12 or 18 weeks. Sessions are held twice a week, and the course of treatment is summed up in a final report compiling among others changes in the mobility range, the muscle fatigue index, subjective assessment of pain and functional limitations.

The therapy includes exercise programmes for the cervical-thoracic segment of the spine, lumbar-thoracic segment, as well as the shoulder and knee.
Research (source: confirms pain relief, improved function, and pain relief in more than 80% of the treated patients The continuation of the learned, functional exercises prolongs the duration of positive therapeutic effects and suppresses or significantly reduces recurrences.


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