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Physiotherapeutic treatment consisting of elastic deformation of tissues



Therapeutic massage is mainly used in the treatment of disorders of the locomotor system. Regular medicinal massage is an important part of pain prophylaxis of the back and joints.

ticklowering of muscle tension

tickanalgesic and relaxing action

tickmuscle regeneration and improvement of their elasticity



wskazaniapalsy of all types

wskazaniamuscle weakness

wskazaniacontractions, tension and muscle pains

wskazaniaoverload lesoins

wskazaniaaching joints


wskazanialimited mobility in joints

wskazaniaperipheral circulatory failure

wskazaniadamage to the spinal cord and peripheral nerves

wskazaniachronic neuritis and nerve plexus

wskazaniainjury after: fractures, bumps, twists, sprains


The patient should have:

przygotwanie-do-zabiegufootwear to change into


przygotwanie-do-zabiegucomfortable clothes

przygotwanie-do-zabiegu5 zł. coin as a deposit for the locker key in the cloakroom



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