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cardilogic outpatients’ clinic
This clinic deals with complex diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases and cardiovascular system.


Together with the cardiologic rehabilitation centre, it performs complete cardiac disease diagnosis and incorporates a treatment programme.

Diagnosis and treatment of adults with cardiovascular disease under contract with the National Health Fund is a primary mission and task of the clinic. There are cases of patients after cardiac incidents of different types or persons with a so far undiagnosed hypertension, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, cardiac disorders, cardiac rhythm disorders, who have been treated here.


treatment under a contract with the National Health Fund


we perform the full range of required tests:


electrocardiogram (ECG)

tickultrasound examination (heart ultrasound)

tick24h monitoring of electrocardiographic recording and blood pressure recordings by Holter method (so called the Holter test)

tickexercise test

cardiac rehabilitation centre on the premises

Wskazania dla osób:

wskazaniaafter a heart attack

wskazaniaafter cardiac surgery,

wskazaniawith bypasses

wskazaniaafter replacement of heart valves

wskazaniawith blood pressure disorders

wskazaniaarrhythmic heart work


Registration at a cardiology clinic

Referral to a cardiac clinic is issued by a health insurance physician, it is valid until you register at the clinic.

Patients agree on a given suited appointment. It is necessary to prepare the following documents for the appointment: a diary of pressure measurements, chest x-rays and all other medical records.


Appointment at the consultant’s office

The patient is examined by a cardiologist who, if necessary directs the patient for
further diagnosis such as laboratory tests, heart ultrasound, Holter test or exercise test.




The diagnosed patient starts the treatment process, medical checkups are performed according to the doctor’s instructions. No further referral is required for subsequent visits.