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orthopaedic outpatients clinic
The Orthopaedic Clinic deals with traumas and diseases of the locomotor system: bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.




In this clinic Patients are registered and treated for chronic diseases of the locomotor system, including patients with degenerative changes, with traumatic injuries and their consequences, and with acquired and inherited disorders of the bone and joint system.

Scope of services provided:

wskazaniaan ultrasonic test of the locomotor organs

wskazaniaan ultrasonic test of the child’s hips

wskazaniaintra-articular injection

wskazaniaadministering platelet rich plasma(PRP)

wskazaniapost traumatic changes of the locomotor system including the spinal cord and spinal cord and spine pain syndromes in the course of overload, degenerative and disk diseases

wskazaniaspinal instability, jugular myelopathy and stenosis of the spinal canal and spondylosis, scoliosis

wskazaniadamage to the nerve plexus and peripheral nerves

wskazaniatumors and tumor-like changes of bones and joints

wskazaniadegenerative joint lesions

wskazaniadefective posture and scoliosis

wskazanialingering injuries and after-effects of injuries including bone adhesion disorders, post-traumatic deformities, joint instability

wskazaniaacquired defects and deformed musculoskeletal defects, including buttocks, hamstring fingers, Dupuytren’s contracture

wskazaniamuscle, tendon, soft tissue diseases

wskazaniapain and overstrain syndromes and enthesopathies, i.e. tennis player’s elbow, heel bone spurs, shoulder pain syndrome


tick registration is made in person at registration desk or by phone

tick no referral is required for a commercial appointment

tick a convenient time for the appointment is established by the registration staff

tick you are asked to pay a service fee before the appointment

tick the patient may obtain a VAT invoice at the registration desk of the centre upon presenting a fiscal receipt

tick when coming for the appointment, we ask you to bring your previous results and medical records