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Centre for pain treatment
Treatment of permanent chronic pain which is highly arduous to the patient.




The outpatient clinic provides a full range of treatment provided by the National Health Fund. Technological facilities and cryosurgery equipment allow to implement low temperature therapies to interact directly with the nervous system within the same scope of benefits.


full range of treatment provided by the National Health Fund


Cryo-neuromodulation (nerve hibernation) – a method that involves using low temperatures to act on selected structures of the nervous system to eliminate pain


therapies using drugs directly applied to tissues


acupuncture – mild treatment which does not burden the patient with drugs.



Appointment at a pain management clinic

Referral to the pain clinic is issued by a health insurance physician.

Referral is valid until you register at the clinic.


Medical appointment

The exact time of the appointment is tailored to the patient’s possibilities. Please bring all the documentation you have collected so far for your appointment, including magnetic resonance imaging, x-ray pictures and other medical consultations.


Medical Examination

A consultant interviews the patient regarding symptoms of the disease and the pain. Diagnosis such as laboratory tests, X-ray images, and joint ultrasonography are possible.



The findings made during the interview enable to customize an individual; therapy: pharmacological treatment, steroids, medication for joints, cryosurgery.

Indications for persons:

wskazaniaafter severe neurological disorders

wskazaniawith cancer pain

wskazaniawho cannot cope with pain using basic pharmacological agents

wskazaniawith spinal pain syndromes

wskazaniawith a syndrome of a painful shoulder, tennis player’s and golfer’s elbow