Creator Ośrodki Medyczne

Presentation of the mobile cryogenic device at the 25th Rehabilitation Fair 2017 in Łódź

On September 21-23, Creator in cooperation
with Messer Sp. with o.o. presented during the jubilee 25th Rehabilitation Fair 2017 in Łódź – the first in Poland – Mobile Cryotherapy Center.

The equipment consists of a cryogenic chamber installed in a specially prepared self-propelled trailer. Due to the optimum dimensions and weight of the device, it can travel in an uncomplicated way to any place in the country and abroad.

The design of the device and its aesthetics, combined with innovative technical solutions, has attracted interest in many potential customers from different regions of the world.

The attractive presentation format – by simulating the operation of the device – allowed direct presentation of the device in conditions similar to real-life cryotherapy system.

In the opinion of the company, this way of presenting the device has made it very attractive for the fair event.