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Rehabilitation of children
Comprehensive therapy for children and parents.


Comprehensive therapy for children and parents includes physical rehabilitation and psychological, therapeutic and pedagogical activities.

Rehabilitation consists of each child’s participation in individually selected activities, depending on his or her health and functional problems.

New centre of day care at ul. Lotniczy 37 in Wroclaw, opened towards the end of 2014, under the contract with the National Health Fund and provides a multi-specialist rehabilitation of children who are at a risk of abnormal psychomotor development (mainly from high-risk pregnancy and childbirth) and children with psychomotor developmental disorders. The therapist team conduct activities for children from the neonatal period to the age of 18. This is where parents learn how to deal with a disabled child in daily-care.


ticktherapy implemented under a contract with the National Health Fund

tickthe whole rehabilitation programme is held in one premises


the programme and surroundings are adapted for children from neonatal to 18 years of age


therapists work according to specialized methods: The Bobath method, sensory integration

tickeach element of space is designed for children (small tables, toilets and colourful walls)

tickthe centre is adapted for the disabled

tickfree parking for patients


surrounded by the large Western Park


A doctor’s referral required

The referral to the centre may be issued by: neonatologist, orthopaedist and traumatologist of locomotion, neurologist, rheumatologist, pediatric surgeon, pediatric endocrinologist, pediatric diabetologist, primary care physician (POZ).


Arrangement of appointment

To avoid queues and choose a convenient date.


Preliminary examination

A Consultant in medical rehabilitation examines the child on the premises, evaluates its condition in terms of movement and psychomotor then directs the child to appropriate consultant (e.g. for exercise, massage, sensory classes, speech therapy or all these classes at once).




After the examination, the doctor prepares a schedule and sets the frequency of the treatment (assesses whether the activity is to take place twice a week or more often) and consults this with the therapists working on the premises. He also sets the dates for the follow-up consultations.


wskazaniafrom high risk pregnancy and childbirth

wskazaniawith congenital developmental defects of the nervous system (myelomeningocele, microcephaly, congenital hydrocephalus)

wskazaniawith metabolic diseases of the nervous system

wskazaniawith motor coordination disorders of central origin

wskazaniawith minimal brain disfunction syndrome

wskazaniawith chromosome aberration syndromes

wskazaniawith persistent disfunction of the locomotor system (including cerebral palsy, myopathy, neuromuscular junction, traumatic and CNS infiltrates)

wskazaniawith sensory integration disorders

wskazaniawith abnormal psychomotor development

wskazaniawith innate developmental defects of many systems


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