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cardiologic rehabilitation
This is a complex activity aimed at improving the quality of life and functioning of patients with cardiovascular diseases.



Cardiologic rehabilitation in a day centre is designed for patients whose state of health does not require 24-hour medical supervision. The mission of the centre is to limit the progression of the cardiovascular disease, improve the quality of life, and minimize the risk of cardiac death.

tickrehabilitation under a contract with the National Health Fund

tickan experienced team in the field of cardiac rehabilitation

tickan individually-defined therapy program based on research

tickpsychological counselling

tickon-site cardiologic outpatients clinic


Essential referral – Cardiologic rehabilitation is managed by consultants from the cardiology department, from the cardiac surgery department, internal medicine, cardiology or rehabilitation outpatients clinic


Making an appointment – The Patient arranges the appointment for a given, individually suited time

It will be necessary to prepare the following for the appointment: a complete treatment documentation, diary of pressure measurements, x-rays, etc.


Tests and Study

The Patient is diagnosed by a cardiologist who performs:

– heart ultrasound test

– exercise test on a treadmill or cyclometer

– if necessary other non-invasive cardiac tests (Holter ECG, Holter blood pressure monitoring)


The course of cardiologic rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an individually selected training scheme, basing on the results of the performed tests, which are prepared by a cardiologist in cooperation with a qualified physiotherapist. Rehabilitation consists of physical exercises, educational classes, psychology classes. The duration of rehabilitation does not exceed 24 treatment days during 90 calendar days.

wskazaniaprevious acute coronary syndromes

wskazaniacoronary angioplasty

wskazaniacardiac surgery

wskazaniavascular surgery

wskazaniaan intensification of heart failure

When preparing for surgery, the patient should have:

przygotwanie-do-zabiegufootwear to change into

przygotwanie-do-zabiegua towel

przygotwanie-do-zabiegucomfortable clothes

przygotwanie-do-zabiegu5 zł coin as a deposit for the locker