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home rehabilitation
Therapeutic rehabilitation and education of the Patient and family at home.


Home rehabilitation is intended for Patients who, due to the degree of their disability, cannot attend the outpatient rehabilitation facilities yet require rehabilitation. In this case the benefits include a consultant’s counselling at home and a rehabilitation programme. As part of rehabilitation there is a physiotherapist allocated in accordance with the medical indications, who runs an individual programme at the patient’s home according to the catalogue of benefits, teaching the Patient self-service and self-reliance and training the family in performing the exercises.


The health insurance physician issues a referral to a rehabilitation clinic, stating that rehabilitation should take place at the patient’s home. A list of indications for home rehabilitation can be found in the „Scope of Benefits” tab.


When visiting a patient’s home the physician from the Rehabilitation Clinic, decides on the treatment and establishes an individual rehabilitation programme.


After completing the rehabilitation process, the physician informs the family doctor about the results of his patient’s treatment (a photocopy of the information is included in the patient’s documentation).


Home rehabilitation covers Patients with locomotor function disorders caused by:

wskazaniafocal lesions of the brain (states following cerebral embolism, cerebral hemorrhagic stroke, traumas) within 12 months of the onset of focal brain damage

wskazaniaspinal cord injury, up to 12 months after the onset of spinal cord injury

wskazaniasevere damage to the central and peripheral nervous system corresponding to the 5th degree of the scale of disability assessment

wskazaniachronic diseases (myopathies, polymyositis, core muscle atrophy, brain tumours, demyelinating processes, collagenosis, chronic extrapyramidal syndromes, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease)

wskazaniaosteoarthrosis or knee osteoarthrosis, after joint replacement surgery (up to 6 months postoperatively)

wskazaniafractures, injuries and amputations of lower limbs (up to 6 months after fracture, injury or amputation)

wskazaniapersons in a vegetative or apical state

przygotwanie-do-zabieguthe patient or his or her carerer  makes an appointment with the physiotherapist to perform the rehabilitation, in accordance with the medical order specifying the type, frequency and number of procedures

przygotwanie-do-zabiegupreparation-for the treatment – as far as possible the patient should be dressed in sports clothes and sports shoes