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hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Treatment of diseases and injuries involving pure oxygen breathing under hyperbaric breathing conditions.




Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is aimed at providing a very large amount of oxygen to the body under increased pressure. Treatment takes place in the hyperbaric chamber. During the treatment, an increased amount of oxygen is supplied to the sick and hypoxic tissues and organs, blood circulation, is improved and the elimination of carbon monoxide accelerated and wounds start healing.


accelerates healing of wounds and diminishing of swellings


limits the advancement of the infection


has natural bactericidal properties


supersedes poisons e. g. carbon monoxide  from their bonding with hemoglobin

tickimproves blood circulation

wskazaniadecompression sickness

wskazania indications of carbon monoxide poisoning


wskazaniagas gangrene

wskazanianecrotic soft tissue infection

wskazaniamusculo-skeletal and crushing injuries

wskazaniasudden deafness

wskazaniahard healing wounds

wskazaniadiabetic foot syndrome

wskazaniaskin grafts


tick absolute contraindications: Tension pneumothorax, or when taking Adriamycin, Disulfiram, Cisplatinum, Bleomycin medication

tick relative contraindications: upper respiratory tract infections, fever, pregnancy, epilepsy, emphysema, after ear and chest surgery, disseminated cancer


Referral to a hyperbaric therapy centre is issued by a health insurance physician.

The referral is valid until registration at the clinic.



Qualification for planned treatment is on weekdays.

The consultation date may be fixed by phone.

It is essential that you take all the medical documentation you have collected so far, such as a described chest x-ray from of the last 12 months, a described ECG, all tests carried out so far, and possibly any additional examinations after consulting a physician.


Each Patient is informed in detail about the purpose and course of therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy takes place from 2 weeks to 3 months (15 – 60 treatments).

The Patients are accompanied by medical staff during treatment in the chamber.


In emergency cases, the clinic is on duty 24 hours a day.


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