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logo_ars_vitaeThe Foundation aims at helping to maintain and develop a specialized medical and rehabilitation base for the elderly as well as for those in need. We create conditions of care that ensure a peaceful and dignified life for the elderly with varying degrees of disability and old age diseases.
We carry out comprehensive activities in the fields of child development, health and life saving, including support and promotion of health, education and charity initiatives. We develop, implement and support rehabilitation programmes for the elderly as well as the disabled. We finance treatment, rehabilitation, the purchase of medical and rehabilitation equipment for the sick or those in difficult life and financial situations.








„ARS VITAE” CREATOR FOUNDATION was established by virtue of a Notarial Deed of 13 August 2015, and its legal personality was registered with the National Court Register on 1 October 2015.

Board of Directors

  • Chairperson – Piotr Stelmaszewski

Foundation Board

  • Jolanta Malinowska
  • Katarzyna Lignar
  • Adam Józefowicz
  • Andrzej Zieliński


ul. Lotnicza 37

54-154 Wrocław

phone: 71 362 02 00, fax 71 362 02 01


no account: 69 1050 1575 1000 0900 3074 3026

Kindly support us

Funding for statutory purposes of „ARS VITAE” CREATOR FOUNDATION is possible thanks to the support of all those who are not indifferent to creating conditions of care that ensure a peaceful and dignified life for the elderly with varying degrees of disability and old age.

Every form of support given to specific actions undertaken by the Foundation for the Elderly is valuable.
We account for each form of support given.

We believe that thanks to your kindness, elderly people, will not only be able to live in a home we will all be proud of, but also to break down the barriers of social, cultural and technological exclusion of older people on account of their age. Your support will help us provide medical equipment for social and socio-occupational adaptation, as well as for the treatment and rehabilitation of the elderly and the needy. We promote physical activity in the elderly through joint organization and implementation of health and prevention programmess.

We invite and encourage you to support the Foundation’s activities.