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This section of physiotherapy, otherwise called hydrotherapy, is based on the external use of water. The basis of therapeutic action is the appropriate temperature and pressure of the water used for a given therapy.


Underwater massage – is a treatment using a stream of water at a certain pressure on the patient’s body. Due to deep tissue penetration, it stimulates blood circulation and increases metabolism. Underwater massage loosens the muscles, reduces nervous tension and alleviates pain.

The swirling bath treatment for the upper and lower limbs consists of introducing bubbles of the air through an inflow nozzle which swirls the water. This is a gentle stimulus for blood and lymph flow, improving the metabolism of the tissues, relaxing the scarring and contractures. The effect of this bath is: hyperaemia of the extremities, reduction of oedema and reduction of stagnation of the venous blood, while acting analgesically, relaxing the tense muscles.


przygotwanie-do-zabieguimprovement of circulation

przygotwanie-do-zabieguloosening of the muscles

przygotwanie-do-zabiegureduction of pain

przygotwanie-do-zabieguelimination of inflammation

przygotwanie-do-zabiegustrengthening of the immune system

przygotwanie-do-zabiegurelaxation of tension

wskazaniachronic and subacute inflammatory and rheumatic conditions

wskazaniadegeneration of the joints

wskazaniadiscopathies, spine pain syndromes


wskazaniageneral weakness and fatigue

wskazaniamuscle pains

wskazaniaweight loss support

The patient should have:

przygotwanie-do-zabiegufootwear to change into


przygotwanie-do-zabiegushorts -for lower limbs massage

przygotwanie-do-zabiegut-shirt – for upper limb massage

przygotwanie-do-zabiegubathing suit – in the case of a complete hydro-massage

przygotwanie-do-zabiegu5 zł. coin as a deposit for the locker key in the cloakroom



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