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Systemic cryotherapy
Arctic cold and biological regeneration in rehabilitation use low temperatures in the treatment process.



In systemic cryotherapy patients stay inside the cryogenic chamber for a short time to evoke a cold reaction of the body. The cryogenic generator produces extremely low temperatures ranging between -110 and -160  degrees Celsius. Patients stay in such an environment for up to 3 minutes. Cryotherapy does not destroy tissues, but it produces a number of desired clinical, biochemical and hormonal effects.

ticktriggers analgesic reaction tickcreates comfortable conditions for rehabilitation, which can be intensified and prolonged tickcauses a marked increase in body resistance tickhas anti-inflammator y properties tickimproves mood and well-being    

wskazaniarheumatic diseases wskazaniaosteoarthritis wskazaniaprophylaxis of osteoporosis wskazaniaperiarthritis wskazaniainjuries of joints and soft tissues wskazaniamusculoskeletal pain syndromes wskazaniamultiple sclerosis wskazaniaparkinsonism wskazaniadepressive disorders wskazaniasleep disorders wskazaniawellness

Treatments are performed on the referral of the physician in the rehabilitation, orthopaedic, neurological and rheumatologic clinic. Prior to entering the cryochamber, a medical examination including blood pressure measurement is performed. The patient should have: przygotwanie-do-zabiegu towel przygotwanie-do-zabiegusports laced shoes przygotwanie-do-zabiegushort cotton shorts przygotwanie-do-zabieguknee-high cotton socks przygotwanie-do-zabiegucotton gloves przygotwanie-do-zabiegucap or cotton band przygotwanie-do-zabiegumouth and nose protection mask przygotwanie-do-zabiegushort cotton shoulder strap vest (Ladies) przygotwanie-do-zabiegu5 zł. coin as a deposit for the locker key in the cloakroom   Please note: ready-to-wear clothing and protective masks for the cryochamber can be bought at our centres.


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