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The most important symptoms are a pain during pressing and rotating movements, tenderness of the tissues when pressing , even when the pressing is light, in the elbow region, while straightening of the wrist, difficulties in performing simple daily activities such as handshaking or gripping a cup of coffee.

This applies mostly to people who are starting to learn to play tennis without a trained technique which generates wrist movement instead of trunk and shouldermovements.



tennisplayer’s , golfist’s elbow (epicondylitis)

Treatment methods

Shockwave – acting on the nerve end receptors, it alleviates the pain. Wave strikes cause changes in the cells to which they are applied. In the case of a tennis player’s elbow, shock waves treat the degenerated tendon fragments.

Other forms of physiotherapy – these are individually selected and include: magnetotherapy, laser therapy, local cryotherapy and ultrasound (phonophoresis).