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rehabilitation outpatient clinic
This clinic deals with counselling and qualification for rehabilitation.



All our centres offer comprehensive rehabilitation services in the field of medical advice and a full range of physiotherapeutic procedures, including: physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, massage, hydrotherapy and cryotherapy.

All our centres are equipped with modern cryogenic chambers.



wskazaniaset of services under the contract with the National Health Fund

wskazaniatreatment and physiotherapists available from Monday to Friday

wskazaniathe physiotherapy department, cryochamber, hydrotherapy are situated in the immediate vicinity of outpatient

wskazaniaclinic and there are also medical consultations at the patient’s home


Appointment at the Rehabilitation Centre

Referral to a rehabilitation clinic is issued by a health insurance physician.

Referral is valid until you register at the clinic.



A convenient time of the appointment is arranged with the patient

The patient should have all his previously collected documentation such as: magnetic resonance imaging, x-rays, gynecologic results for women (due to numerous contraindications), and others.



A consultant collects the patient’s medical history regarding the disease. In the case of women also collects the patient’s gynecological history.

He also checks the locomotor organs in terms of functionality.



On the basis of an interview and a medical examination, the consultant can:

– order physiotherapeutic treatments

– order stationary treatment

– refer the patient to a sanatorium

– place a referral for orthopaedic supplies

The consultants at the Rehabilitation Clinic receive Patients with:

wskazaniachronic pain

wskazaniaacute pain


wskazaniapost spinal surgery

wskazaniapost joint surgery, etc


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